Treading their own path through a diverse spectrum of sound and life experiences, Agape brings it all together in a collaboration that  blurs geographical locations and sound barriers. The sound can be called "DUB" since it's the element that seems to tie the strings of their prismatic sonic collage. Elements are drawn from their cultural roots and take new forms as they are voiced by these future gazing artists.

The sound is simple. Everything is everything. Kind of like taking a stroll in their backyards. Take a quick walk around a bustling Toronto neighborhood and you will be exposed to a canvas of ancient smells, tastes and sounds that come from all corners of the Earth to find harmony in a modern context. Take a drive around Miami and you will see the symbiotic natural integration of nature and technology into an aesthetic whole that becomes something of its own. This is the best way to describe the environments that have produced their sound. Organically.

It was during the frequent and prolonged stays to Miami that Dj /Producer Erick Paredes met Nadia Harris, a Jamaican singer that was no stranger to music, making as the daughter of a legendary roots recording artist. It was a perfect match. The voice was unique and complimented the sound developed by Erick and brother Patrick Paredes since their teens growing up in Toronto, Canada.

Hand in glove the band has performed with a wide range of live musicians for explosive live performances. As the band and as Dj's, they've played at some of the biggest festivals in Toronto, Miami, New York, Detroit and Rio de Janeiro. They have opened for cutting edge artists such as the Brazilian Girls, Thievery Corporation's Federico Aubele, Seu-Jorge, Jazz icons Medesky, Martin and Wood just to name a few… all in anticipation and before their first upcoming release.

The band is poised to rise with the times. As borders and walls come down, as technology brings new problems as well as new possibilities, as new forms emerge to bring expression and a voice to a planet in transition. Tune in.

Sounds like:

Dub, Funk, Soul, Nu-jazz, Ska, Broken Beat, Afro Beat, Batucada,

Electronic, Neo Soul, Latin Soul, Drum and Bass, Psychedelic, Classical, etc…. All thrown into a solar-powered blender running  on maximum and served hot in certified organic bio-degradable cups.

Agape (adv. & Ad.)

  1. Love (Unconditional)
  2. In a state of wonder or amazement, as with the mouth wide open.
  3. Wide open
  4. Feast.